Wonderful Christian Music You Won’t Hear on the Radio

It’s difficult at times to find Christian music with both good lyrics and a style that I like. I know I’m not the only one. I love Casting Crowns, Tenth Avenue North, and Lauren Daigle as much as any K-Love listener, but I sometimes want music that is more contemporary, folksy, ambient, or soothing.

It’s taken awhile to build this list, and it is still growing every year. I am not a music genre expert, but I have decided these the the best I could and to provide song recommendations for each band.

Contemporary Hymns and Worship

  • Page CXVI
    • Wash Me Clean
  • Audrey Assad
    • Drawn to You
  • All Sons and Daughters
    • Rising Sun
  • Bethany Dillon
    • I Am Yours
  • Jonathan Hessler
    • No Longer Slaves
  • Amanda Cook
    • Pieces

Folk and Folk-ish

  • The Oh Hellos
    • Hello My Old Heart / Dear Wormwood
  • The Innocence Mission
    • Bright as Yellow / Fred Rogers
    • They have an album of hymns that is not on Spotify
  • Josh Garrels
    • Heaven’s Knife
  • Sandra McCracken
    • We Will Feast in the House of Zion
  • Penny and Sparrow
    • Brothers
  • Strahan
    • Deliverance
  • Will Reagan
    • Set a Fire
  • Eine Blume
    • Farewell to the Shadows
  • Chris Renzema
    • Fountain

Alternative / Not sure how to define

  • Pompon Lakes (mellow rock)
    • Hope
  • The Future of Forestry (rock w/violins and choir–beautifully composed)
    • Homeward / You Are Love
  • MeWithoutYou (quirky folk rock, fables, raw)
    • The King Beetle On A Coconut Estate / Bethlehem, WV
  • Young Oceans (Soothing rock)
    • Are We Not One / This Wild Earth
  • Pacific Gold (psychedelic rock)
    • A Day is Coming
  • The Brilliance (neoclassical)
    • The Sun Will Rise / Brother
  • Gungor (rock / experimental / whatever it wants to be)
    • Vapor / Wonder
  • Rivers and Robots (pop, folk, indie?)
    • The Bridegroom

Please comment if you have any other recommendations!

2 responses to “Wonderful Christian Music You Won’t Hear on the Radio”

  1. Try some of the Christian artist who are not on Christian labels, especially Bruce Cockburn. His political views are to the left but some of his lyrics are the best. You can start with some of his songs on spotlify. “Lord of the Starfields”, Wondering where the Lions are”, “Broken Wheel”, “Waiting for the moon”, and my favorite, ” The Rose Above the Sky”. Bruce has released more than thirty albums, and does not get the attention he deserves in the states.

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