The Wingfeather Saga TV Adaptation is Perfect

If you have young kids and are looking for a wholesome, family-friendly show, I highly recommend The Wingfeather Saga by Angel Studios. I have written a review of the books it is based on, so I would of course encourage you to read the books with your kids before watching the show. The first season only covers the first book, so you won’t have to complete the entire four-book series first.

The show–like the books–tells the story of three young siblings, their mother, and their ex-pirate grandfather who live in a town over-run by Fangs–humanoid lizards who begin taking children away at night, never to be seen again. When the three children upset the Fangs, it unfolds a series of events involving hidden treasure, a man who wears socks on his hands, singing dragons, and toothy cows. As the children face one danger after another, they also uncover a mystery about their own identity, magic, and secret past.

The show follows the books loyally, only making small but, I think, smart changes to develop characters that end up being important later in the series. I also appreciated that, while the ethnicity of the characters weren’t described in the books, the animators included a diverse cast. The film is as silly as the books as well, and the unique animation mimics the beautiful illustrations by Joe Sutphin.

I don’t want to give anything else away, but I truly hope your family will dive into this series, especially if you are looking for Christian media for your kids that is well-written and funny while still tackling difficult issues such as loss, fear, and identity. As I wrote in my review of the books, this series made me cry and think even as an adult. The first book–and the first season of the show–is much lighter than later books but still includes heavy material and emotions that strengthen the hopeful message. As Peterson, the author, said about his choices, kids already know the world is scary–they need to know that there is hope and light as well.

Because it is crowdfunded, you can watch all six thirty-minute episodes of The Wingfeather Saga for free on Angel Studios streaming services. You can watch the trailer here:

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