Hi, I’m Emily Brooks, a fantasy novelist, teacher, and blogger trying to live courageously everyday.

Emily Brooks

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The Redeemed Imagination is a blend of poetry, memoir, and essay exploring the topic of imagination from its childish beginnings to its frightening ability to paralyze us. Most of all, it is an attempt to discover how imagination, when redeemed, can save us from despair.

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About Me

Writing is my comfort zone. I write essays, poetry, short stories, and fantasy novels. I feel especially called to write about fear and courage to inspire others with the hope I have been given after struggling with anxiety for most of my life. I’m still growing!

I grew up outside of Nashville, where I was homeschooled and drank out of mason jars before it was cool. I now teach college writing in Nashville, where I live with my husband, dog, and two precious doves. When not writing, I’m usually watching birds with my camera, playing dungeons and dragons, or reading a fantasy novel.