Hi! Welcome to Little Did She Know, a blog where I share thoughts on faith, courage, and imagination. All three of these have been deeply entwined throughout my life as I grew up with generalized anxiety disorder. When I wanted to hide in a corner, imagination and faith gave me the courage to step outside.

Why imagination? Because imagination, I believe, is what we all need to strengthen our faith and our relationship with God. Imagination used to cripple me with fears of the future. Admittedly, it still does. But I’m learning to turn my imagination towards good things, which is what gives me the courage to keep moving forward, and to keep writing.

I write fantasy novels, nonfiction, and poetry. On my blog, you will find posts about living courageously in all areas of our lives through our hope in Christ. You can also find writing inspiration and book reviews in the Courageous Art section in the blog menu.

I am also the author of The Redeemed Imagination, a book about the power of imagination to both enslave and free us. You can learn more about my fantasy and nonfiction projects here.

The Redeemed Imagination by Emily Brooks

Usually, when you read the phrase “little did she know,” it’s because the heroine of a novel is in the middle of a larger story than she realizes. It is the line that says, “Something awesome is just around the corner.”

For me, the meaning is twofold: it is a reminder to remain humble in all circumstances, knowing I am not that smart and am on a never-ending journey to “seeing face to face” (1 Corinthians 13:12); and it is a reminder that everything is possible with God.

Living with generalized anxiety disorder has been a challenge, but it is one that has made me stronger and equipped to help others. I still struggle, but I am also always learning and growing and changing. God is not finished with me, and one way I mark those significant moments of growth is by sharing my story.

And so I write.

My hope is to encourage you, challenge you, and point you to the hope we have in Jesus.