Welcome! I am Emily Brooks, a fantasy novelist who writes stories that inspire courage. On this site, you will find two of my blogs: Little Did She Know and Worlds of Words.

About Little Did She Know

Usually, when you read the phrase “little did she know,” it’s because the heroine of a novel is in the middle of a larger story than she realizes. It is the line that says, “Something awesome is just around the corner.”

For me, the meaning is twofold: it is a reminder to remain humble in all circumstances, knowing I am not that smart and am on a never-ending journey to “seeing face to face” (1 Corinthians 13:12); and it is a reminder that everything is possible with God.

On Little Did She know, I share thoughts on faith, courage, and imagination. All three of these have been deeply entwined throughout my life as I grew up with generalized anxiety disorder. When I wanted to hide in a corner, imagination and faith gave me the courage to step outside.

Why imagination? Because imagination, I believe, is what we all need to strengthen our faith and our relationship with God. Imagination used to cripple me with fears of the future. Admittedly, it still does. But I’m learning to turn my imagination towards good things, which is what gives me the courage to keep moving forward, and to keep writing.

About Worlds of Words

On Worlds of Words, I write reviews and musings about speculative fiction and films. I believe the right book can be life-giving, and so, as a fantasy novelist myself, I weed through stories to help you find your next favorite made-up world.