Breaking the Chain of Anxiety

If thoughts are powerful enough to affect our feelings, then that means they must be powerful enough to make us feel better, too.

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Sunny Days are Behind Every Cloud

Today’s post is a little different because I’m still learning as I write this, working through the negative thoughts that have been nagging me lately.

How Peace Surpasses Understanding

When we take our anxieties to God, we are not just asking that God takes away our fear. We are remembering that there is a God who listens and who cares about every detail of our lives, and this alone washes away our fear.

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How I Learned to Halt Physical Anxiety

Last night, I woke up with an anxious feeling in my stomach.

My breaths became shallow and quick, and I felt that familiar feeling of physical anxiety creeping up.

How Suffering Produces Hope

2020 has been a reminder for many that the security systems we have trusted don’t hold up. Now that we are preparing to celebrate Christmas, let it be a reminder that God enters into our fear and brokenness.

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Fear and Faith Can Coexist

Sometimes I feel guilty about my fear. As a Christian, I have heard the declarations over fear and the claims that it is a sin. I’ve read all of the verses in scripture that say, “Do not fear.” I know that fear, like laziness or greed, is a vice. But is it opposed to faith?

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Do You Want to Be Healed?

I believe the danger in identifying with a mental disorder is that we can begin to embrace our thoughts as though they were not disordered–as thought they were a healthy, normal part of us that don’t need to be challenged.

When Fear is Love

What if being safe and listening the CDC guidelines is not an act of fear at all but an act of love?

Anticipation Over Worry

Christian anticipation does more than look ahead–it looks behind at what Jesus has already done to save us, once and for all. Anything we could ever ask for has already been done, so we know our hopes will be fulfilled.

Enjoying the Holidays Again: Overcoming Expectations Anxiety

Expectations say that the day must be perfect. Any hint of anxiety is a failure that will ruin the day–and your memories of that day, and your expectations for that day next year–forever. Not eating, escaping to be alone, or missing out on any family tradition is devastating.


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